Use H2 console without GUI

I installed Liquibase today on my staging server to try it out, and I’m following one of the many “getting started” guides. I’m able to init start-h2 without a problem, but Liquibase and my db are both installed on an Ubuntu server with no GUI.

I’ve been chasing my tail a while on this, but I want to view the web console that the script runs. I’ve added a bind address to (–bind-address in the CLI resulted in an unknown argument error), but the problem is that the H2 server tells me “Sorry, remote connections (‘webAllowOthers’) are disabled on this server.”

I did some digging and found I could possibly run h2.jar by itself with the appropriate webAllowOthers switch, but I’d need to do way more configuration to bind that instance to the correct IP etc etc etc.

I can’t believe Liquibase has never had a user that doesn’t use a GUI on their db server, so can anyone tell me what it is I’m not doing right?

Came here looking for the same answer. I would go further and ask if running Liquibase on a headless server is even possible. My installation defaults to localhost and LB complains there’s no browser. LB is always expecting a browser when running init start-h2? The documentation doesn’t go into those details.