Using result from one changeset in another

Hi, Nathan!
I’m using MySQL and have the following problem:
I have to insert a row in one autoinremented table and then use inserted id of that record in another changeset.
I could manage it only with tag, is there a way to do it using ? Or maybe save some value in block?

    <changeSet id="1" author="confik">
    	<insert tableName="modules">			
    		<column name="name" value="marketing"/>
    <changeSet id="2" author="confik">
    	<!-- added additional modules access rights -->
    	INSERT INTO module_access (module_id, type) SELECT id, 'view'&nbsp; FROM modules WHERE name = 'marketing'

Currently there is not a way to get at the auto-generated ID values in a later changetSet.  You’ll have do do it with the nested select for now.  You may be able to create an extension for the tag ( until there is official support for it.


Thanks for the answer.