Using rollback with formatted SQL


I am trying to test the rollback feature with formatted SQL. I am getting this error,

Liquibase Update Failed: rollbackSQL requires a rollback tag

Naturally, this being SQL, I do not have rollback tag, though, I do have rollback specfied (as suggested in the docs) as,

–rollback drop table my_table;

Would appreciate some advice.


The rollback definition should look like this:

–changeset nvoxland:1

create table test1 (

  id int not null primary key,

  name varchar(255)



delete from test1;

Hello, thanks for the reply.

I tried what you suggested. But If I put the rollback statement on it’s own (like you suggested), it’s being executed along with the main SQL.

So, If I had a file like this,

–liquibase formatted sql

–changeset change:1

create table table_1 (

    id int primary key,

    name varchar(255)



drop table table_1;

–changeset change:2

insert into table_1(id, name) values (1, ‘name 1’);

insert into table_1(id, name) values (2, ‘name 2’);


delete from table_1 where id = 1;

delete from table_1 where id = 2;

The first changeset & rollback are executing one after the other and the change:2 set fails, as the previous rollback has dropped the table already.

Is my syntax wrong some where or am I missing a piece of config somewhere ?


Could you run with logLevel=debug and send the output?