V 4.24.0 adding a semicolon to the end of scripts

the 2 newest versions of LB are adding a semicolon to the end of my views and stored procs. I have tried many combinations of delimeters and settings and can’t get them to go away. Here is an example script, there are no semicolons defined…

--liquibase formatted sql
--changeset mtagliaf:views.Attr.AttributeMaster.20000101 id:views.Attr.AttributeMaster.20000101 runOnChange:true stripComments:false splitStatements:false endDelimiter:;;;;;
create or alter view [Attr].[AttributeMaster]
select (columns)
from Attr.Header h
inner join Attr.Detail d on h.AttrID = d.AttrID
left join Attr.DataType t on h.DataType = t.DataType