V 4.24.0 adding a semicolon to the end of scripts

the 2 newest versions of LB are adding a semicolon to the end of my views and stored procs. I have tried many combinations of delimeters and settings and can’t get them to go away. Here is an example script, there are no semicolons defined…

--liquibase formatted sql
--changeset mtagliaf:views.Attr.AttributeMaster.20000101 id:views.Attr.AttributeMaster.20000101 runOnChange:true stripComments:false splitStatements:false endDelimiter:;;;;;
create or alter view [Attr].[AttributeMaster]
select (columns)
from Attr.Header h
inner join Attr.Detail d on h.AttrID = d.AttrID
left join Attr.DataType t on h.DataType = t.DataType


We’re experiencing the same issue except we don’t have older version to confirm that it “changed” behavior. Due to adding semicolon at the end all our drift reports are reporting that all objects changed, and we therefore cannot use it anymore.

Did you find a solution?


We did not. We may have to switch to another tool, because this is preventing me from generating the initial script set.

I’d recommend opening an issue if you think there is a defect.

Thank you. Issue submitted.

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