varchar handling for reverse engineered Oracle tables

just a short question:
When I reverse engineer a Oracle database table with a varchar2 column, I get a column type that includes VARCHAR2 and even the CHAR parameter (if the column was defined as CHAR and not as BYTE).
This is great for Oracle databases!

        <createTable  tableName=“SOME_TABLE”>     

But if I try to run this against a postgres database, the script fails because postgres does not know the CHAR param.
The conversion from VARCHAR2 to VARCHAR is done correctyl in the generated postgres SQL but the CHAR param breaks it.

Is it possible to filter the CHAR param for databases that do not support ist?

Best regards,

Currently there is not a way to do it automatically. You would have to manually edit the generated file.

Better cross-database data type handling is on the short list for future features but hasn’t been done yet, unfortunately.