Welcome to the new Liquibase Forum

The last forum software was unable to stop the spammers, and so we have moved to a zoho based forum.  

There is much better moderation support here, plus I think the ability to track the progress of questions (answered, unanswered, working on it) and the separation of questions from discussions will be helpful.

If you had a user on the old forum software, you click the “forgot password” link to have a new password sent to your email and you can continue using the same username as before.  

We discussed options a bit (see http://forum.liquibase.org/topic/what-to-do-about-spam-should-we-switch-forum-software) but in the end, I felt that zoho had better features for managing questions (especially for me, and others trying to answer questions) than google groups, and I was still unsure of how well google groups could stop the spam.

I did put a mapping redirect in for the old post links, so anything you had bookmarked should forward through to the correct post on the new system.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about the new forum


You can follow forums either through the RSS feed support (linked at the top of the page) or through email with the “follow this” link usually found on the right side menu.


Hi, Nathan,

is it possible to be subscribed to the forum? or you would to avoid this to prevent future spam intervention?