What conferences are you attending this year?

Hey all!

What conferences are you all attending this year? Why? What makes them great?

I’m trying to put together my calendar for 2022 and want to make sure I make sure I don’t waste time on ones that are mostly fluff. :cloud:

Virtual and IRL and in-between :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about attending SXSW 2022 in Austin this year. It’s a great place to hear what people are thinking about across a lot of disciplines. I’m still on fence due to COVID, but thinking about signing up and seeing how things are going in March.

What do you think I should do? Go anyway? Or, look for an online conference for this year?

With Omicron, I am hoping that this big wave in the U.S. will calm down by SXSW. Can you imagine it’s already been 2 years since they first canceled and we thought…“wow this coronavirus thing is the real deal if SX is canceling!” I think this year has taught us to be flexible…so I would plan to go but know that you might have to be flexible…if it doesn’t pan out, then enjoy the week in Austin :slight_smile:

Depending on the conference…I’ve been a bit burned out personally from online conferences. If I can get a recording of the speakers, then I think it’s worthwhile…but from a networking perspective, they still seem a bit odd. Any online conferences or even webinars you’ve come across, Kevin?

I haven’t found any online conference yet. I was thinking about finding a DevOps, database or development related conference.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Do you prefer U.S. based or worldwide also? @kevin

I know I personally would love to know about non-us conferences as well. I always hear good things about FOSDEM from friends.

@rgrzegorczyk so we all know…what conferences are you planning to speak at this year? Hoping you can make it to the one in Texas :slight_smile:

@carolhunt8 don’t know yet :slight_smile:

I can only express my opinions about Oracle products related conferences I’ve already been at.

  1. HrOUG in Croatia ( October) - If you want to spend 3 days on the beautiful island, listen to great speakers, try delicious food, and party a lot - then go there :slight_smile:
  2. POUG - Poland(Warsaw) - September, but it’s subjective opinion :slight_smile: Come visit my country and listen to great content about Oracle ( a lot of deep, technical speeches)