What ideas do YOU have to make Liquibase Legends rock in 2022?

Liquibase Legends began in February of 2021 and since its inception, we’ve successfully welcomed over 1000 new members into the community of Legends!

While we’ve been thrilled to see the engagement with the program, we can only make it better if you tell us what else you want.

I’ll go first!
I think the developer-related activities earn high points, but content creation activities are too low. I think a few should be raised to be a more equal playing field.

  • If you create a video about Liquibase, it should be upped from 4 points to 8 points.
  • If you share a case study about you/your team’s use of Liquibase, you should earn 10 points.

If you agree, please like this post! What additional thoughts do you have?

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I’m curious to hear why people signed up. What’s the most important thing you want to get from joining the Liquibase Community?