What is the status of the liquibase Grails plugin

I noticed there is a liquibase plugin and there is not a lot of documentation on it. 

  1. What version does it support and is there a plan to upgrade to 2.0
  2. Does it provide a set of controllers and views to support GUI interaction
  3. Can it support multiple databases?

I would like to add to or extend the plugin as I need an application to manage a number of databases to support the multi tenant plugin.  i have started a similar plugin but would like to leverage already completed work.  I look forward to hearing back from the support team soon and would love to volunteer to assist in the existing plugin as well.

Currently it does just support 1.9, but I am planning to upgrade it to support 2.0.  There should be very little change beyond replacing the liquibase jar, but I have been focusing on getting liquibase 2.0 finished to make sure I am testing with a final version.

Any help you would be willing to give would be greatly appreciated.  I am not a grails user, so I don’t have the expertise to know the different use cases that would be best to support.

I don’t have plans to add controllers and views, but it would be nice to add.  Is it normal for components to add to an application’s view, though? 

I’m not sure if it supports multiple databases, since I’m not sure how grails supports multiple databases.


If you or I could move it to Github I can branch off and build up the screens and then add the multi tenant support.  Grails out of the box handles a single database but I am part of a team that supports a plugin to allow grails to host multiple clients in one or many databases and I contribute to that plugin as well.  it is normal for grails plugins to provide screens and controllers if there is value in that and I do see huge value in that.  You would then have a standalone application that could be used to manage one or more databases using liquibase.  Let’s chat somehow and I can help you move it to Github and then I can work on the upgrade to 2.0 and begin building the support screens which I have mostly done already.  i can produce a fork of the current code from SVN and push it up to my Github if that is easier for you.

Many of the plugins are moving to github to allow forking and better support.

Scott Ryan

I would be fine moving the grails plugin to github, I’ve been looking for a reason to try it out.  The last time I looked at how the grails plugin system worked, it appeared to be built around their SVN repository, but that may have changed and/or I don’t understand what is actually happening with the grails plugin system.

I’ll send you an email about what you have done and how we could integrate it.


We are using the latest grails plugin and just ran into the bug where the db-diff generates an incorrect schema name with a drop-column refactoring (a couple of times :frowning: ). How soon would we expect to see a new grails plugin with this fix?

Thank you,

– Justin

I’m hoping to get a new 2.0 version out this week, now that the official 2.0 version is out.