What privilege is required for preConditions in MySQL

I am trying to use tableExists and columnExists preconditions, the database engine is MySQL 5.x. It turns out that DB user running the change log must have “super” privilege, otherwise execution fails on precondition checking.

What actual SQL queries are executed when these preconditions are checked? I am concerned about granting “super” privilege to DB user: this is a security issue.


You can run liquibase with --logLevel=debug and it should output the sql that is being ran. Most of the queries to get metadata, however, come from the JDBC driver’s implementation which isn’t shown in the SQL output. They should be just querying the information_schema which I don’t believe requires special permissions.


I tried to toun on logging with no success. Seems like you are right: meta data are checked via JDBC API, not via explicit SQL queries.

DB user has access to Thanks for response!