63-character limit on changeset names

Is there a real technical limit of 63 characters for a changeset name or is it simply that VARCHAR(63) was chosen as the column type in the changelog table as an arbitrary size?

I’ve done a couple of tests with altering the column size to something larger and everything seems to work fine with >63 character names, but I want to see if I might run into some problems on the liquibase side of things later on.

And yes, I know that names longer than 63 characters could become unreadable letter scrambles.  It’s a requirement I’ve been given, not one that I am proposing.

The limit comes from trying to have a standard definition of databasechangelog that works across all (or at least most) database types, and several have issues with unique constraint keys if the total length is too large.

You can add a changeSet for the databasechangelog table to make sure it is applied everywhere before you start using longer names. Once you increase the table definition you’ll be fine.