Add Liquibase onto maven pom file

Hi there, I need some help to start with Liquibase.


I have a Spring-Maven project, everythinbg worked. Then I try to add Liquibase onto the project.

I followed the instructions on this site here

But after adding following code onto the pom: 





Any luck resolving this? If so please share the solution.

Thanks in advance.


I am not using Eclipse, so I do not suffer such issues, but if I were you I would consider creating another maven project for Liquibase, so it would handle the database migrations. You could launch it from command line once you update your changelog, in the meantime your current project would not have to take care.

Or, you can let Liquibase do its job when your application launches, not as a part of build process. I did it in previous project and it worked OK.

Witold Szczerba

That’s the problem; you are up-to-date.

Specifically, and you can find this at the M2E wiki, earlier versions of M2E showed nondeterministic behavior when operating alongside the rest of Eclipse, and the developers removed some features from it. These include things like the plugins tab, and support for adding plugins through wizards. Now, you have to edit plugins and pluginManagement sections by hand. Even then, to execute the plugin, you shall need to resort to the command line.

If somebody has created a “project configurator” for the plugin, and you have installed that configurator into Eclipse, then Eclipse will be able to run the plugin as earlier versions did.  These are called “m2e connectors” or “Lifestyle Mappings” in the Eclipse Marketplace . You can reach that fast by Preferences|Maven|Discovery|Open Catalog. But, few connectors exist, and none for Liquibase.

It therefore falls on the Liquibase developers to write such a connector, sadly. I don’t know how to do it.