eclipse / intellij import (liquibase-core)

I try to get my feet wet with the liquibase source, and maven build is working flawless.

Importing into an IDE seems a bit more involved, are there any newer pointers for this?

  • eclipse: javacc, ant, groovy maven plugins need to be configured (or ide plugins installed ?)

  • intellij: not familiar with, but I cannot find an easy way to import liquibase into intellij?

I found this pointer:

For those using IntelliJ IDEA, there there is a project configuration in .idea directory format as part of the repository. The intellij config is built directly from the maven projects.

For those using Eclipse, you can automatically create your project config from the Maven pom.xml files. ----

Are you looking at the master branch? It might be best to look at the 3.8.x branch at the current time. We are making some significant changes on master and it is not ready for release any time soon. 

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Liquibase Community Engagement
Datical, Inc.

I tried the 3.8 branch too, with two ways:

a) use eclipse with “import from existing maven project”

  • error "plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration" for multiple steps (javacc, flatten,..)
  • could not find eclipse plugins readily working for this goals

b) generate project file with maven3 eclipse:eclipse goal

  • error "Failed to execute goal on project liquibase-maven-plugin: Could not resolve dependencies..."

I admit beeing not fluent with maven though…

I’ve seen similar when I was running on java 1.9+.

If you are also, then you need to add the jaxb dependency to the maven plugin’s pom file, because jaxb was removed from java core See PR 970