Ant task for Hibernate updates not working?


I just recently started using liquibase, and would like to integrate it with Hibernate. I read the manual, and thought the easiest way would be to use an Ant task for generating a changelog, and then manually copy the changesets from the generated file to a commited changelog.

However, I cant seem to get the Ant tas to run. It complains there is no property called baseUrl, and when I tried specifying a referenceUrl instead it says it cant find a JDBC driver for the url type hibernate:pathto.cfg.xml.

How should this work? I thought liquibase should just compare the schema found in the database with the schema found in the cfg.xml-file without the need for a JDBC driver for it?

Thanks in advance!

What version of liquibase are you using? There were changes to the parameters between 1.x and 2.0. In 2.0, the parameters are referenceUrl etc instead of baseUrl etc.


I’m using the latest version. I tried replacing baseUrl with referenceUrl, but if I recall correctly I was asked to specify a JDBC driver for the referenceUrl (which points to the Hibernate file).

Thanks for the reply!