Apply the same change across multiple schemas

I am trying to get the same change applied across multiple schemas. Liquibase was installed in multiple environments (looks like with Maven) and in some environments the change will be propagated across the schemas and in some it will not. The developers say they are doing nothing different. I compared the following files between environments and did not see significant differences:

using Liquibase version 1.0. and Mysql 5.7.29
Thanks in advance.

Hi @mboligan,

We will need a little more info, as we have no exposure to your CICD pipeline. Could we start with providing for the environment that is not working as expected:

  • exact liquibase commandline being used. Example: liquibase --logLevel=debug --username:something update
  • contents of the file (please redact passwords and confidential info)
  • complete logs (not just a snippet) of the build run where liquibase is being executed

Let’s start there and see what’s going on.

Thanks for your response. The problem has been solved, we had everything deployed via a jar file, but we also had Java code handle our multi tenant deploys. The problem was that while the loop was being executed, the variable was not being updated.

@mboligan , thanks so much sharing what the issue was and the solution!