Deploying same changelog to multiple databases (how to?)

I have inherited an application where each customer has their own database. Same schema for all databases, but data may be different for each customer.

So I’m trying to figure out the best way to integrate Liquibase into this environment?

We currently have a hacked up versioning system of our own where we have a table with db name, etc which we loop over in a stored procedure to run a set of sql statements but we’d like to replace that with something more formal like Liquibase.

Seems like I could use the same changelogs across all these environments and I would simply have to change the properties file to point to each db? Possibly I could do this in a script with a loop?

Dbs would be kept in sync for each release so we’d push same changelog out to all customers and if there were an issue - we’d rollback all customers.

Any suggestions?


if changelogs are the same across all the customers environments it’s simply a question of settings, via command line directly or via multiple properties files, like “”.

A loop with a properties file for each customer seems to do the job.