Deploy changelog to multiple databases

Newbie to liquibase here. We have a requirement to deploy same changes to multiple databases in amazon RDS.

  1. What will be the best way to deploy? Using different change logs for different databases and include them in one master changeLog or using a single changeLog file and use context tag in changeSet? I read couple other articles but not able to find a concrete solution.
  2. And also we have .dll files to deploy. Do we convert them to .sql and then use tag or is there any tags for .dll files?

Note: we are not using any java/maven application.

If you want to deploy the same changes to multiple databases then you would use the same changelog(s) and run Liquibase against each database. There are many ways to structure the changelogs, but I would recommend putting the sql in a changelog and then including that changelog in your master changelog.

As far as the .dll, those will need to be converted to one of the Liquibase supported formats, xml/yaml/json/sql.

Thanks for the response @daryldoak. What if we have multiple databases in the same RDS. Any ideas on how do we tackle this task? Can we use context tag to deploy to multiple databases with same endpoint

In my RDS Postgres environment, each deployment to a particular role in a particular database is a separate Liquibase execution, because of the security model that we have setup.

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