database tag

I’m using Liquibase with many different databases.  I’m also using contexts, which help me manage server-specific db changes.  However, not all of my servers have the same database sets.  It would be nice to be able to specify the database in the changeset itself, rather then on the url.  Liquibase should be able to connect to the database using the url/database combination.  Since userid/password may need to be specified as well, possibly these need to be added as tags as well.

There is a" dbms" attribute that can be used to list what database type(s) a changeset is valid for, but does not target a particular database by url.

You are wanting to actually keep the database urls in the changelog?


Well on similar lines, ven I have changesets in one changelog.xml file which I want to run against different  databases . I guess its not possible as we cant specify multiple urls for a liquibase run . 

That is correct, liquibase assumes it runs against one database at at time. If you want to run against two databases you will have to run liquibase twice.