Tips for using LB in an existing environment

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How do we get an initial Liquibase status?

Should we just do an "generateChangeLog" on every server and mark it as changeLogSynced? Or is there any other way to start.


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Your use case is very common and well suited to liquibase. Generally what happens is that each coder will append changes to the changelog file and run liquibase update to then apply those changes to their local database. When everything works for them, they commit the changelog file which is then included in the next build on the common test server. At release time, the same build up changelog is applied to the production databases at server startup.

If you stick to the higher level etc. change tags vs. the lower level tag you will automatically get changelogs that are applicable to both sqlserver and oracle.

You can use “contexts” or additional custom changelogs to support customer-specific database differences if you need to.



i'd like to get some tips for using Liquibase in an existing environment.


Our situation:

We are using Java and Hibernate for programming.

For testing, each programmer has its own virtual database, after their personal testing it gets on a common testserver.

The sql scripts are written by each coder when they need a change on the db, so no history and conformation which changes are actually on the db.

Our Software is used by about 10 companies, some of them use Oracle some MSSQL. Each company has its own adapted version of our software and database, but the core is the same. The database changes are deployed when the servers are restarting.


So if anyone has some good points on how to approach this matter, id be really thankful.