Want to evaluate LiquiBase


I had read about LiquiBase in the past and would like to consider using it on my current project.  Our application currently supports 3 database vendors (MySQL, SQLServer and Oracle) and we have about 5-6 versions of the application in the field and getting ready for another release.   Currently we maintain separate (per vendor) table scripts for the creation of the database, separate (per vendor) insert scripts for our bootstrap data and development data, and then yet another set of separate scripts to handle database upgrades/updates as a release progress and we need to do some database refactoring.

To start with, would we have to generate a change log for each dbms type we support? 

Can the initial generated db change log be used to actually create an initial copy of the database for a user or do you have to maintain an copy of the create scripts and then manage the database from change logs after the initial change log generation?  (Hope that makes sense!)

I see that Load Data seems to help handle some of the cross-database type definitions for dates, etc and wondering if the other refactorings do the same?

We do maintain all of our ‘scripts’ within a repository but it still feels like we are doing too much work to help maintain our database so hoping that LiquiBase can help re-leave us of some that extra work.

Mike (had problems with my zoho account)