Please help me

What you are looking to do is what liquibase is designed for, and should work well for you. 

The quickstart guide should be a good starting point for you:


Thanks nathan for the reply…can you tell me that how can I generate Database change log XML from user specified sql  and then use that xml to do the actual job on database(like create ,update etc)? I will store all these generated xml in DB and later use that for any rollback required or any other work.

Hello liquidbase,

I am trying to making a solution which can help in maintaining data base version(like maintaining source code version). The technology which I am thinking to use is spring-hibernate so that the tool can be web based and it can be used by multiple project  to version control their DB. The idea is that any database change can only be triggered with the help of this solution,so that the database version information can be maintained and the database can be made consistent .Operations like commit,roll back,branching,merging should be possible. Can you suggest me that how should I approach to this problem?

I am new to liquidbase and got to know that this tool provided some  solution in maintaining database version.  But this tool has some limitations like it does not handle stored procedures and triggers and it works on the basis of an XML file . But I think I can integrate this tool with my requirement.

Please tell me how can I use liquidbase to acheive this goal?

If possible tell me that how the solution should be organized so that different project can easily maintain their database version. What all problem the solution should try to address and what minimum support should at least be there in this solution? What should be the UI so that user should be easily able to use it.?