are all object types covered by Liquibase?

Oracle Database 12c, Liquibase 3.5.3
Packages, triggers and materialized views are seemingly not supported by Liquibase. Is this correct?
What other Oracle object types are not supported by Liquibase?

Thank you

You are correct. There are a number of Oracle objects simply not supported in Liquibase. You have a few options.

The first is to use the Oracle extension ( The second is to add support to the that for objects that are not available.

The third option is to use Datical. We’ve added support for a large number of these objects. Beyond that, Datical has Forecast support (generate a Report without changing the target database) and a Rule Engine (enforce SQL best practices and other things like “no more than X indexes on a table” and “no foreign keys without indexes on the columns in FK”). Datical supports Liquibase in Development and using Datical at the build server and in automation tooling. 

Hope that helps! Thanks for using Liquibase!