Generating Change Logs for Stored procedures, functions, packages and Triggers

Is there a plan by liquibase to support generating change logs for Stored procedures, functions, packages and triggers for oracle database or is there any extension available?

No plan to support in Liquibase. Those objects tend to be platform specific and not inline with goals of Liquibase. Nathan can provide a much more in depth answer but that would be the crux of it.

However, you can use the community provided extensions for Oracle and others. They don’t support generateChangelog, but it could get your further down the road.

The other option is Datical DB, a commercial implementation of Liquibase. It supports all of those objects, plus Forecasts, Reports, and turn-key integrations with Jenkins, IBM UrbanCode Deploy, CA Release Automation, Serena Deployment Automation, Bamboo, and a ton of other platforms.

Good luck!


Thank you Robert, Looking forward to hear from Nathan on his ideas.