Creating a database changelog xml file from an existing database?

Is it possible to create an initial database changelog xml file from the existing state of the database?

I believe I’ve generated the schema using generateChangeLog, but it doesn’t seem to return the stored procedures (or the data).

   Andrew J. Leer (liquibase noob)

The generateChangelog/diff support needs to query the database metadata to learn the tables, columns, view, etc. Many objects such as tables and indexes are returned in a database-neutral format via JDBC and we can easily learn about them, but some like stored procedures need custom SQL calls per supported database.

Since generating diffs/changelogs is not the core functionality of liquibase, extending what it can detect has been lower priority, but it is the focus of the upcoming 2.1 version.


Yes, you are correct. The manual says so too -

This command currently has some limitations. It does not export the following types of objects:

    Stored procedures, functions, packages
  • Triggers
I don’t know if liquibase or any other can ascertain if a data is transactional or master by just looking at the table which maybe the reason why we can’t export the data. Maybe you can use any other data exporter.

That seems odd to me considering you can use Liquibase to create a stored procedure.  Why wouldn’t you be able to back one up too?

Unfortunately no, work has been mainly on 2.0 at this point still.


Are there any news on this topic