Can Liquibase automatically generated the version 0 files based on a live database or database schema?

Hi, I am new to Liquibase. I have an existing database that has been used for years. I want to use Liquibase for further change management. Before I translate it into Liquibase format (A set of xml files), I am just wondering whether I can somehow generate the version 0 (for current database) Liqiubase files so that I don’t have to write myself.

Thank you very much.

Thank you nash_j, that’s exactly what I want.

It seems that I can only generate change log from a live database. Can I do this from a database schema at all?


Generatechangelog should be able to do what you need.

You can read more on…

Hope it helps.


What do you mean by a database schema? If it is a set of SQL scripts, you could just set it up against a DB and then run liquibase against it to generate the initial version. There might be other ways, but I guess this will be the simplest.

Not aware of any ways of generating change logs for stored procs/functions.