Change Log Sync SQL File


I have a customer that requires sql scripts in order to update the database.  We have no access to this database.  I need to upgrade the the schema on the db.  Currently the schema is not managed by liquibase.  I have two change log files, one representing the current state of their database, and one representing the upgrades.  I would like to generate a change log sync sql file of the first change log.  Whenever I run it through liquibase, it generates a sql file that contains all the table, indexes, etc creation, instead of just the checksum.

The only work around I can think of is to actually create the schema here and then run the change log sync.  That seems a bit kludgey though.  Any idea’s on how I can just generate the change log sync sql file when I do not have access to the database?



Even creating the previous schema is a no go.  :frowning:

I create the previous schema.  I then run Liquibase using changeLogSync with output to a file. 
First it outputs the checksums for the previous version of the schema.  Then it generates the sql to create the previous schema.
Finally it gives me the sql to create the new version schema.  All I would expect it to do is generate the sql for checksum inserts on the previous schema then give me the sql for the new version of the schema.


What version of liquibase are you using?  Having the schema there should not matter since changeLogSync does not do a database diff at all, it just looks for changes in the changeSet not listed in the databasechangelog table.