Automating Changelog creation

Our organization is using Datical (LB Enterprise?) and has grown accustomed to having the changelog automatically generated when new changesets are added.

Does Liquibase community edition have a process for automated/scripted merging new changesets into the changelog? If not, is there an open source tool?

I suspect the answer is no to both questions, but I had to at least ask.

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Hey @scottinsurance,

When you say:

Are you using Datical (now LB Enterprise) packager function? As in your are checking in your sql scripts, then running packager, and changesets get generated into the changelog?

One easy way to do that in the LB Community or Pro editions is having your changeset xml just be a pointer to the sql scripts. It’s not automated (but could be), but pretty easy.


Our org is using both. I’ve not personally used LB Enterprise yet. I’m preparing our solution based on the community edition. It’s all about giving teams the options to chose if they want to pay for a license or use the CE. Thanks for the clarification.