Aws dynamoDB - Liquibase

Can Liquibase manage aws dynamoDB?

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DynamoDB is not yet on our supported list. Since Liquibase is built on top of standard JDBC, the only ties it has to the underlying database is through the SQL that can vary from DBMS to DBMS. If you attempt to use Liquibase with an unsupported database, it will try to run and will most likely succeed. The only problem you are likely to run into is the current date/time function name. If Liquibase is unable to determine the correct date/time function, you can pass it in via the “command line” and documentation/Ant).

You may also run into a problem with the SQL generated by the change/refactoring tags on unsupported databases. The best way to deal with this problem is to first try the standard change/refactoring tags. If it generates an error, you can fall back to the sql change to code whatever change you need to make in a way that your database understands.

For more information about it, please consult our Supported Databases page.

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