Liquibase using AWS Athena

I’ve used Liquibase before using Impala, which required me to create the databasechangelog table in the schema I wanted to manage, and then was able to use sql files afterwards without a problem. I’m trying to do the same with Athena now, and have created the databasechangelog table in a schema, and I’m not sure why liquibase is not finding it (it always fails trying to created it because it can’t ‘find’ it, and because it doesn’t know how to create an iceberg table that it will need to perform updates on).

anyone here have any experience with it? I’m wondering if it’s an issue because athena uses catalogs and schemas.



AWS Athena is not on the list of supported databases.

Sometimes Liquibase will work on an unsupported database, like you experienced with Impala apparently. But accidental support is not a good way to manage your companies data. You will almost certainly run into issues with this approach. A better solution would be to contribute an extension which brings support for the particular DBMS platform.