Integration with S3 + Iceberg + Athena/Spark

Hi there,

I have not been able to find any information on this. Is it possible to configure liquibase to work with Iceberg tables in AWS built on top of S3 data? I know that liquibase will work with RDS and Aurora, but my team requires our data to be in S3 using Iceberg.

Would appreciate any tips/knowledge on this. Thanks.

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I know we do a lot with Amazon S3 and AWS. Liquibase Pro — Quick Start

I can’t seem to find anything specifically about Iceberg either. Have you checked the idea board? If no one has proposed it yet, you can always suggest that we add iceberg integration for liquibase on AWS. HTTP://

Hey @sneekywalrus! Welcome to the forums and the Liquibase Community.

I work in product management at Liquibase. We don’t currently support Iceberg on top of S3, but we are evaluating our support and interoperability with data related AWS services. Your use case is a new one for me and I would love to hear more about it if you’re up for it. I’ll send you my contact info in a direct message.