best practice for dealing functions/stored procedures on an existing database


I would like to hear your opinion on dealing with functions/stored procedures with Liquibase on an existing database.

I have a postgresql database with a lot of functions for different schemas.

So far i think to use pg_dump of whole db as my initial change log, apply it to database and using the recently introduced sql format. All I need to do is to add one comment with liquibase metadata  to the pg dump text file.

Are there any pitfalls?

Has someone faced similar problem?

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That is probably the best approach if you have a lot of stored procedures since Liquibase does not try to snapshot them with the generateChangeLog functionality.

By add one one comment" you mean adding the --liquibase formatted sql comment? You can do that, but you can also leave it off and liquibase will also run it as one big changeset.