Can anyone recommand a DevOps course that has an emphasis on continuouse deployment of database changes that includes Liquibase?

Hi, I’m a traditional (possibly old-school) MS SQL DBA and Developer with many years of experience and I started using DevOps about a year ago to deploy database releases. So far it has all been learning as I go along to achieve a working solution.

I have had no exposure to Liquibase, but the company is talking about using it so I’d like to get a head start and do a course that combines both DevOps and Liquibase that is geared up for a DBA.

I would appreciate it if any DBAs have gone down this route and could recommend a course or two that may potentially lead to some sort of certification.

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’d recommend the courses and certifications found here:

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I like the soind of “Liquibase and the CI/CD Process”, which includes DevOps.