Can Liquibase track table data changes between 2 databases?

Hi, We’ve been using Liquibase to migrate our changes (Oracle) across all our environments. Most Oracle databases have 2 types of tables (transactional and configuration). We are only migrating the data of the configuration tables.

Is there a way for Liquibase to compare or diff the data changes made in 2 databases (Development DB vs MasterConfig DB)? I just want to understand if this is even possible

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jjfranco, are you asking if liquibase can compare 2 different databases? The answer is yes. Please not the differences reported would be in schema and associated objects. Not data. I would use platform tools suited for moving data between similar schemas.



Thanks for your feedback @ronak.

Understood Liquibase can differentiate the Database schemas but not the actual data (transactional data) inside those schemas.

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