Compare data tables between two SQL servers


I want to compare some reference tables (comparison of data and not structure itself) between two SQL servers on the same network.

I try the “diff” option with difftypes=data, the result is false because DATA are different on this two databases.

C:\ liquibase diff --diffTypes=data
Liquibase Version: 4.9.1

Diff Results:

Compared Schemas: dbo
Product Name: EQUAL
Product Version: EQUAL
Missing Data(s): NONE
Unexpected Data(s): NONE
Changed Data(s): NONE
Liquibase command ‘diff’ was executed successfully.

Could you give me the good syntax to do this ?

Many Thanks

I think this feature (diff / compare data from two separate DBs) is currently not functional (checked the documentation and noticed it is also (no longer) present there).
Further details here: liquibase Diff command Using difftypes=data is not working.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Eduard for your quick reply !

So, nobody needs to compare data from two seperate DBs (with same table name)?
It’s strange that liquibase can’t do that !


Sure, glad I could help!
I’m pretty sure lots of people want/need this, to but probably the team has a lot on the queue :smiley:
I had the same need a while ago and I was fortunate enough to have a RedGate Data compare tool something (licensed) and that was pretty cool (for SQL Server).
Should find other options out there until this is fixed on Liquibase functionality (btw, this, comparing data process is not as easy as it looks).


Many thanks Eduard for all the explanations.

May be a liquibase support member can tell us, if this functionnality is in the roadmap in 2022 ?


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Thanks all. The idea was suggested in our last Community Roadmap MeetUp back in February 2022 and is on the list of features being considered. To keep track of it and/or to provide feedback/vote, please head over the Liquibase Ideal Portal, it has its own card. Many thanks!