Can we include a file in rollback?

I made some changes in procedure, for those changes I can’t write the rollback script so, as a part of rollback I want to give the path of the original procedure which is located in another folder. Is there any possibility to do like that? What will happen to the entry in databasechangelog file? 

Hi ,

 I am looking for something similar. Just need to understand how to call a sql script from within the rollback tag.

This is my sql file which creates a procedure

–liquibase formatted sql

–changeset sr:3 runOnChange:true splitStatements:false
create or replace procedure test

###### This is where I would like to call a script which recreates the old procedure

If you have an XML changelog file, you can use the tag in your block to reference an external file.

In formatted SQL, there isn’t a way currently to call out to an external file. I created to track the feature request, but I won’t be able to get to it for a little while.