Can we use the sql script in rollback tag ?


we want to include sql script for both of the following purposes :

1. putting changes into oracle database  and
2. rolling back changes from oracle database

<changeSet author… id=…’);   
<sqlFile path=path_to_sql_file …>

            <sqlFile path=path_to_sql_file …>

Can above syntax will work?

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Was there ever an answer or response for this??  I cannot get this to work, according to the changelog schema it should but the Parser complains that it cannot find a changeset for the rollback

In my own experience I have used every refactoring that I have used in a changeset inside of a rollback.

While I have never used the sqlFile refactoring my organization uses <sql inside of rollback blocks all the time.

Note this is based on version 2.0.5