Cannot find database driver: org.postgresql.Driver for RDS postgres connection-Liquibase

I am trying to connect to RDS postgres from liquibase. Maven dependency is :


I am not using properties file as the credentials are confidential and I cannot put them in properties file. hence calling using command line

-liquibase --url:jdbc:postgressql:// --username = $username --password = $password --changeLogFile=changelog_aurora.xml update

Also tried :

-liquibase --url:jdbc:postgressql:// --username = $username --password = $password --changeLogFile=changelog_aurora.xml --driver=org.postgressql.Driver update

I am getting below error:

Unexpected error running liquibase: java.lang.RuntimeException:Cannot find database driver: org.postgres.Driver

Please help me here. Do i need to install postgres dependency as well? If so what should be the version? should it match with AWS RDS postgres?

I’m not familiar with Liquibase execution via Maven, but do you have the Postgres jdbc driver in Liquibase’s “lib” directory?