Can't get rollbackSqlFile to work with formatted sql

The documentation says the “–rollbackSQLFile” command can be used in a formatted sql file to point to an external file to execute. Using v 4.27.0 I keep seeing a “Liquibase does not support automatic rollback creation” error, which I’m assuming means it can’t find the file. I’ve tried various combos to get this to work, but I must be missing something. Any ideas? Thanks!

According to this page:

rollbackSQLFile requires a Pro license key.

Thanks, @daryldoak. Yes, I have a PRO key in my file, forgot to include that info. Let me know if you have any other suggestions!

Figured out the issue. It wasn’t clear to me after reading the docs, but “path” is required in order to get this to work. Example: --rollbackSqlFile path:rollback.sql

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I have submitted an issue to the docs team to get that corrected.


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