Case sensitive identifiers

This is somewhat of an architecture question about liquibase.

In general ANSI SQL compliant databases have case insensitive identifiers.  Thus ‘xxx’ and ‘XXX’ are the same.

(This question is only about identifiers and not data.)

There are however liquibase supported databases which either are not case sensitive at all or are only that way in specific circumstances.

Because of that if one must be very careful in insuring that all identifiers have exactly the same case in all change logs.  And that can be problematic for larger teams where the developers are more familiar with databases that are insensitive.  So one developer might prefer upper case and another prefers lower.  And those get mixed in the change logs.

That of course presents a problem because although it works on the insensitive databases it doesn’t work on the case sensitive ones.  And the ONLY solution in such cases is to modify the change log.  Which of course messes up the hash checking for the change log.

Seems like one solution to the above problem would be to provide a flag that insures that all identifiers are always converted to upper case or to lower case.

Since such a flag doesn’t exist the question would be why doesn’t it?