change log file is not generated by 'updateDatabase' ant task

In our project we are using ‘Build and Deployment Automation (BDA)’ tool for building and deployment of the project. The BDA uses liquibase for database versioning (liquibase-1.9.3.jar). When the ‘updateDatabase’ ant task is executed through BDA tool the change log file is not getting generated. In other projects the BDA is working fine. After searching through web found that hibernate jar should be in classpath :
I cross checked the classpath and updated so that it will contain hibernate jar. Bust still no change log file is getting generated.

Please help us to find out what configuration we are missing.


The updateDatabase ant task will not generate a changelog, it assumes there is a changelog file and updates your database based on it.  You need to use the generateChangeLog ant task to create a changelog file.