Changelog command calling in script is not working in

HI ,

recently we are testing liquibase using latest version . I used following way in my script
–username=$USERNAME --password=$
--logLevel=debug --logFile=rs.log update

I got following error

  • liquibase --classpath=/usr/share/java/liquibase/ojdbc8.jar --changelogfile=-INSERT_.sql --url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@/*** --username=**** --password=**** --logLevel=debug --logFile=rs.log update
    Unknown parameter: ‘changelogfile’

please help me in this regard

@kalyandrug Try using changeLogFile (with capital L and F).

I’ve just tried running a liquibase command through the CLI with changelogfile and it gave the same error and then changing it to changeLogFile worked.

sorry for delay reply . thx for your suggestion , is working now

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