Update command with changelog parameters is no longer working


I upgraded Liquibase from version 3.6.2 to version 4.4.0. I have a changelog parameter for tablespace named ‘tentantTablespace’.
When I run the new liquibase version I received an error:

Unexpected argument(s): -DtenantTablespace=test

The old version of liquibase runs fine. I run liquibase on Postgres database.
What have changed in update command parameters in the last versions?

Hi @ioani

Could you please share more details about the issue to help you with some solution?

It would be helpful if you could share:

  1. The exact command you used (while on version 3.6.2 and while on version 4.4.0)
  2. Logs with Log level set to “DEBUG”
  3. Your liquibase.properties file

Also if you could help with details for using " tenantTablespace"? What is the main goal of using this attribute there with update command?

Rakhi Agrawal

The command I used for both versions:

liquibase --driver=org.postgresql.Driver \
		  --changeLogFile=$changelog \
		  --url="jdbc:postgresql://$host:$port/$db" \
		  --username=$client_user \
		  --password=$password \
		  --defaultsFile=/opt/liquibase/liquibase.properties \
		  --contexts=$context \
		   update \

And the changelog looks like:

    <changeSet id="123" author="DBA">
        <comment>create test table</comment>
        <createTable tableName="test" remarks="The test table" tablespace="${tenantTablespace}">
            <column name="id"   type="int"  remarks="The first column"><constraints primaryKey="true"/></column>

The ‘tenantTablespace’ is the name of the property I want to substitute in changelog, it is the name of the tablespace where I want to create the tables.
There are not values in properties file.


Hey @ioani

It seems like a bug in liquibase 4.4 release. I tried reproducing this at my end and was able to see the same error message. Also, when I tried the same with 4.3.5 release, it worked fine. Seems a bug with 4.4

I see an issue already logged here. Expect the fix in 4.4.1 release super soon.

Sorry for the inconveninece.

Rakhi Agrawal