Checksum error after upgrading from 3.20 to 3.2.2

We upgraded liquibase-core from 3.2.0 to 3.2.2 and get the following error:


Caused by: liquibase.exception.ValidationFailedException: Validation Failed:

     18 change sets check sum


         de/test/evolution/changelog/r_1_0_15/changelog-150-663.xml::150-663::kwettemann is now: 7:0b42e8dfdeca6e429736122cc3698ab2


        at liquibase.changelog.DatabaseChangeLog.validate(

        at liquibase.Liquibase.listUnrunChangeSets(

        at de.persis.nova.evolution.LiquibaseEvolutionProvider.isEvolutionNeeded(

        ... 59 more



The entry from the databasechangelog table:


"150-663";"kwettemann";"de/test/evolution/changelog/r_1_0_15/changelog-150-663.xml";"2014-09-09 11:02:58.367";65;"EXECUTED";"7:0ad1843271aa0469ddc62d26ab70b364";"insert";"''";"";"3.2.0"


I’m not sure but probably this has something to do with the changes at the checksum computation.


Is this a bug or is there something we have to do when upgrading from 3.2.0 to 3.2.2?

Thx and Regards,