Checksum Failure in Spring but No Problem in Maven

Hi All

Liquibase Version: 3.0.0-rc1

May I know is the checksum calculation is the same for liquibase running with maven and used in Spring?

I got a problem where:

  1. The changelog can be executed in Maven (no checksum failure)

  2. Running the same changelog with Spring bean will generate checksum failure

Anyway to address this issue?


Ian Lim

This error reported is consistent as of version 3.0.0.rc2.

Error setting up or running Liquibase: Validation Failed

under maven, spring and command line

It should be the same checksum calculation with all three versions. I am seeing some differences due to UTF8 handling, is that something that would be applicable to you? Otherwise, people sometimes see differences because changelog parameter values are taken into account with the checksums.



Thanks for the reply.

I managed to solve my problem by clearing the checksums and let liquibase regenerate again.


Ian Lim