Checksum invalid

Hello, I have problems with all the checksums, is there a way to recalculate without the changeset being executed again?

We changed the version of the PostgreSQL engine, could that influence the calculation of the checksums?

A checksum error indicates that you have modified a changeset that was already successfully executed in the target database.

Most of the time a checksum error indicates you have a problem, so recalculating the checksums is actually covering up a problem that needs to be addressed. You first need to determine why the changeset was modified.

You can clear the checksums in the databasechangelog table using the “clear-checksums” command, then they will be recalculated the next time you run the “update” command.

The version of the database engine will have no effect on the checksum values.

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Thank you very much, one last question, if I clear checksum the changesets are executed again? Or only the checksums are recalculated in the next update.

Only pending changesets will be executed, the existing rows will just get a new recalculated checksum.

thank you very much, it helped me a lot

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