Column comments not added

Hi all,

I’m using liquibase 1.9.3 against Oracle XE.

When I try to add a new column to an existing table, the remarks attribute value is not inserted as column comment. I’m using the following syntax:




Any ideas?


The problem is that we are re-using the element poorly in this case.  The remarks attribute is generated when you are creating a changelog file from an existing database, but we currently do not re-apply them back to the database in the addColumn change.

I created so it will not be lost.


Although there is a workaround (using the SQL tag), I would like to see this issue fixed with a higher priority than it currently has. What’s the procedure for changing the priority Nathan?

They best way is to implement and either commit the change or submit it as a patch :)  Otherwise, you can vote for it on jira.


I looked at JIRA it says resolved for 2.0.4. I’m using 2.0.5 and MySQL 5.5 and it doesn’t seem to work during a create table
<column name=“SomeName” type=“VARCHAR(16)”  remarks=“remark”>

When I run the query "SHOW full COLUMNS FROM SomeName; " the comments column is empty

I USE comments TABLE. 


i have the same problem. my changeSet:








                    remarks=“Test Comment”



Column has been created as expected but there is no comment in database.

I have mysql 5.6 and liquibase 2.0.5

I created to track the bug and will look into it.


Thanks, I added that to the ticket.