Table and column remarks => dbDoc


The manager of our system is very keen on keeping up-to-date documentation of our schema. Specifically, he likes full descriptions of the purpose of each table and column.

I just tested the column elements. I was hoping that they’d appear in the dbDocs, but they do not.

Does the feature exist? Would it be a hard thing to implement?

Currently it does not work because the DatabaseSnapshot classes we use to read the current state of the database does not support reading remarks. It would not be difficult to add, the question would be if we can do it via a standard JDBC call that would work across database types or if it needs to be custom SQL per database implementation.


in MSSQL, I didn’t see any remarks in the tables and columns themselves using SQL Explorer. I got the impression the remarks were for liqubase xml documentation purposes only. 

For SQL Server, are remarks stored in extended properties?

I know this is a three-year-old topic, but I’d like to see this feature too. The DBDoc output is great, but it would be so much better if it included the remarks.

There’s an open-source product called SchemaSpy which interrogates a database and builds entity-relationship diagrams and so on, and it includes comments that were inserted into the schema with the COMMENT ON statement. It, too, is written in Java and usess JDBC; so it should be possible.

I created to track the feature request.