Communtity edition: rollback, LDAP and enddelimiter questions

Hello All,

If someone could help me with the below questions I have, I would really appreciate it.

Note: we use free community version & we have SQL Server and Oracle targets.

  1. How do we use LDAP(CyberArk) authentication with JDBC? How does the URL look for it? is there a an article or an example I can refer to?
  2. How does rollback work with changesets that use runOnChange=true ? we want to use the option where we can rollback to previous version of it.
  3. What happens if we set endDelimiter as ‘GO’ and there are 3 queries in one script and the last/final query does not have ‘GO’ at the end?

I can’t asnwer #1, but I’ll try #2 & #3

Rollback and runOnChange really have no relation. Liquibase “rollback” uses the rollback sql that you define, or it uses auto-rollback.
What I think your are asking is how do you rollback to a prior version of your code object (function, procedure, trigger, etc). I think what you are looking for is the “rollback to prior changeset” functionality. Here is an example:

<changeSet id="changeRollback2-drop" author="liquibase">
  <dropTable tableName="changeRollback2"/>
  <rollback changeSetId="changeRollback2-create" changeSetAuthor="liquibase"/>

The example is XML, but support for this was now added for sql format in a recent release. Full documentation found here: rollback

If you set endDelimiter=GO then every sql statement in your changeset must be delimited with GO.