Convert MSSQL DDL to Liquibase ChangeSets

I know this seems counter to Liquibase goals, but does anyone know of a tool that can translate existing DDL to Liquibase changesets? The reason I am asking is related to internal processes on our project. We have a team of DBAs who will not generate liquibase files and the software team has selected Liquibase to manage the schema. Don’t ask about our office politics, it sucks :slight_smile:


Hi post,

You can apply it to a database and the use the diff tool with generateChangelog command.

You can also reference their sql files directly using the tag in a changeSet.  You don’t get the cross-database support, but you do get the exact sql the DBAs wanted.

Liquibase 2.0 also supports formatted sql ( which would allow you them to mark up their sql scripts with some tags and get full liquibase support without the xml at all.