createIndex doesn't work in some cases

I’m using a custom build - rc5 (there are some problems with trunk reported before).
These two statements are not working:



They are ran successfully but the corresponding indexes are not created in the DB so when I run difftochangelog these statements appear again and again.

(sorry for the slow reply.  I’ve been on vacation and then very far behind)

Don’t include the associatedWith attribute.  The plan with 2.1 is to be able to better handle cases where some databases need indexes created separately for foreign keys and/or primary keys.  Currently for all databases except for oracle will not create indexes that say they are associatedWith primary keys or foreign keys because we assume they are created as part of the PK and FK creation.


I removed all associatedWith=“foreignKey” and it is OK, but when I remove all associatedWith=“primaryKey,foreignKey” it says “invalid index name ‘PRIMARY’”. So I removed all the associatedWith=“primaryKey,foreignKey” and now it is OK.

Still when I do diff to generate changelog I have to manually remove these attributes.

I’ll take the associated with stuff out of the generated changelog since it’s not really fully baked yet.